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Places To Travel Post-Quarantine 2021

Palermo, Italy

Located in southern Italy in the Sicily region a destination complete with incredible food and wine, rich in cultural heritage. Travelers will enjoy the architecture the culture and the cuisine available.

Bali, Indonesia

If you are creating an escape for yourself that is quiet and relaxing you will find natural beauty in Bali. Home to the best Yoga and Wellness retreats in the world there is also accommodation for every budget. Although there are 17,000 islands, Bali remains the most common tourist destination. Full of extreme sports and diving, a chill authentic vibe is available around every corner as well as the Balinese religious scene is deep, they are very spiritual and visiting temples is common on itineraries.


Truly central Europe’s best kept secret at this point. It is a photographer’s paradise with its diverse and beautiful landscape including high Alpine peaks and the Adriatic coastline, rich in culture and traditions. It is not overrun by tourists, at least not yet, It is an emerging travel destination and it’s an attractive cultural destination to explore in both summer and winter. 


An excellent destination for those looking to travel out of season, it is the best way to remain budget friendly. A destination located between Brazil and Argentina; Lonely Planet has referred to it as the underdog. Seeking a relaxed pace check out Montevideo, often referred to as the worlds most relaxed capital. Uruguay is a country that provides stunning beaches and an incredible wine country as well as the UNESCO heritage site, Colonial del Sacramentos. 


As we continue to try and search for hidden gems in the Caribbean, this island getaway in the eastern Caribbean is not quite swarming with resorts and tourists ….at least not yet.  With the focus on sustainable tourism they are apt to provide outdoor adventures based in a lush rainforest on a nature focused island.  It is the ideal escape for adventure travelers craving a vacation that includes hiking, cultural events festivals and diving. It has been rated as one of the top 10 dive locations in the world.

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