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Venice 🇮🇹

Traveling to Venice Italy is an exciting romantic fairytale, imagine taking your children with you and experiencing it together. The canals as roadways, vaporetto's instead of Uber!

Pizza, pasta and Gelato to make any child happy.

Alleyways and streets that become mazes to get lost in, nooks and crannies with vendors selling their wares. Really what an incredible destination and lesson in culture for young ones.

It's important upon arrival to get your bearings because everything will appear the same. Trying to find your hotel and although you've looked online a million times at the pictures and what it looks like from the outside it will feel near impossible to find when you're walking with bags looking for placards with numbers. Once you're checked into your hotel it is time to venture off.

Our hotel was in the best location, situated right on the canal. It included breakfast and the room was large for a family of four. It was equipped with a queen size bed for my husband and I and two single beds , one for each child. Accommodation prices in Venice during the summer months can be quite high, make sure you get your travel agent to secure you a property months in advance. I also recommend purchasing a SIM card for your phone and keeping your Google Maps handy , it's very easy to get turned around.

You can explore this city by foot and it is the best way to find your coffee shop, Gelato stop and store to buy your wine. Another recommendation, purchasing a Vaporetto pass as the roadways are canals and it is the easiest way to connect you to everything you want to see. You're able to head to Murano an Burano with ease. It is an inexpensive way to be able to see the sights and you can simply purchase a two or three day pass for better value. Traveling through the canals with your children and seeing the city from the water is such a beautiful view. As you are not trying to navigate traffic you have the ability to take in all of the sites. With the flexibility of the Vaporetto pass you can get off at any of the stops and enjoy areas as you wish.

Of course you have to visit Saint Marks Square . It is iconic and the second you set foot in it you will feel like you are in a movie that you've seen before. You can visit Saint Marks Basilica but make sure to have a ticket ahead of time and if possible a skip the line pass. If you are unable to obtain a skip the line pass make sure you get there early because by midday the lineup is daunting.

If you wish to sit in the square and enjoy it is important to remember that if you wish to occupy any of the seating available they are privately owned by the restaurants and you are forbidden to sit in the seats without purchasing from the menu. It also makes for a good excuse to sit in the square and enjoy a beautiful bottle of wine. This will absolutely be the most expensive thing you do in Venice, But it really is a once in a lifetime experience, just do it.

Visiting Venice with children is really simple. the history that is available for your kids to explore is never ending. When exploring the Rialto Market, Showing your children the Rialto bridge and explaining that it is 429 years old is a conversation in itself. There is never-ending lessons to be learned for inquiring young minds and parents as well.


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